Meeting 19/02/16

We have settled on the idea of dangers of online dating under the name: Mr Mystery.

As mentioned before, this is a topic that has has fair coverage in the past so we must find interactive and creative ways to set it apart from the rest.

However, we have the wind at our backs in terms of a like-for-like hands-on nature so we have plenty of options for things we can translate into an interactive documentary: messaging, swiping, profiling ect.

Our basic structure has been cast:

The ‘user’ is female, for the sake of argument. The equality would be desirable in having the choice of gender, but not really achievable in the time-frame. We do balance this later.

The user will be guided through a day scenario from the eyes of this girl, from waking up and going about a normal day routine in between a series of messaging interactions from their dating app and ultimately deciding whether you wish to meet up with the man in question.

The catch is that the user must choose to speak to 1 of 3 men, all of whom with different motives and it is your objective to select ‘Mr Right’ – he could be suave or clumsy, we haven’t decided yet.

The problem is that one of the men is a total creep or pervert, underneath his (possibly charming) facade and you want to avoid meeting this man.

The other is a ‘catfish’ – somebody who pretends to be someone they’re not online. A false identity of some kind, not necessarily cynically but maybe overcompensating. Their picture might be highly filtered or Photoshopped, but ultimately they will not be exactly how they paint themselves to be.

Along the way, you will interact with the man of your choice in a series of multi-choice messages. There will be only so many chances to reconsider your choice.

Also along the way, you will meet a friend (an actual person [male] we have sourced with a real life experience), which will advise you on the path you should take.

They will also refer you to an expert on the matter, somebody to offer more guidance – though you don’t have to see them. You can resume your day as planned.

Ultimately, they will press to meet you and it is up to you to make a judgement call.

When you discover who you have ended up with, the outcome will be accompanied by a salient statistic. You will then be presented with the chance to replay to see how you fair with the other guys.



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