Meeting 25/02/16

Today’s seminar allowed us to explore our options for the project further, by pitching our idea and layout to our potential audience.

At this time, we feel confident with the direction we are heading for this project, with filming commencing over the weekend.

But today, there were some questions raised by our pitch, which we welcomed and we were able to respond, allowing our audience to understand the concept more.

These were some of the questions put to us;

  • Where are your locations?

From looking at previous blog posts, you can see that the conclusion of our documentary is that the subject will meet with the person with whom they have been interacting. “Mr Mystery” will suggest three potential locations; a café, a house and asking the subject to join their friendship group in a more public, open space. The user can choose which location in which they meet, which will reveal the “type” of person they would meet; Mr Right, the catfish or the creepy stranger.

  • Why are you portraying this from a female’s perspective?

In early discussions, we all agreed that we did not want to overcomplicate the documentary and we wanted to produce a quality piece within the time frame given. Although we appreciate that both men and women are faced by dangers in the world of online dating, a female character projects further vulnerability and allows us to explore avenues that a man would not face if in the same position.

  • Do you want to meet “Mr Mystery”?

As a team, we have agreed that the element of mystery is essential to this piece and we want the audience to be left in suspense. So instead of actually going to the location you as a user choose, we will instead provide facts and statistics from the research we have conducted of each eventuality. This way the documentary is more informative and provides the audience with the essential information we are trying to convey.

  • Do you want to give them replay ability?

With our original idea, we had created so much replay ability that we as a team, we thought the user would become bored and not explore every avenue they were given. With this new, updated concept, we have created a simple narrative which allows the user a choice of two ways they can gain advice for this “meeting”, and which ever one they don’t choose, they can play again. Similarly, with the alternate endings, the user can play the documentary again to gain access to the information from the location they had not chosen previously. The audience liked this choice and said that the replay ability was simple, not complex or boring.

  • How are you incorporating facts throughout?

This was a fundamental question raised about the concept. Throughout the documentary, key facts and statistics would be drip fed in so that the user is learning throughout and not just at the end. Our expert will provide safety tips in a fun and interactive manner and a friend would be able to convey their experience, allowing the user to learn in an emotive way. However, the choice of location at the end will fundamentally display the key statistic to what would happen if you took this route.

The audience did really like the narrative we had produced and encouraged the air of mystery to be kept throughout, even to the very end. They emphasised the importance of feeding in information throughout, so we are not just producing a game, but an informative interactive activity.



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