Dating expert!

Expert Interview Blog Post:

Finding an expert in online dating was going to be a tricky task. Who could answer all the questions we had about the trials and tribulations of online dating?

And then we found him, Mr Ben Mitchell, our online dating expert.

Ben Mitchell

Our Social Media Editor, Charlie Milward, interviewed Ben on Tuesday to ask him for his professional insight into the online world of dating.

Ben Mitchell is the founder of Cheeky Boo, an online dating app based in Bournemouth that allows you to connect with other users within a 10 mile radius. Ben said that unlike other popular dating apps that now resemble more of a game than an actual hub to find love, Cheeky Boo allows you to find successful dating opportunities with the possibility of a romance blossoming at the end.

The interview provided us with the top tips that we needed to present over to our audience.

Such questions that we asked, and our users will be able to ask through interactivity, included:

  • What measures should someone take when they meet someone online?
  • What are the dangers of meeting a stranger?
  • What are the key signs that someone is not who they say they are?
  • Is there anything I can do to find out more about the person I am talking to?
  • When is the right time to ask for a meeting?
  • What are the key safety tips you would advise an online dater to use?

As a group, we thought that these were prominent and fundamental questions that the user would want to know. We also got Ben’s stance on what someone should do if they were asked to meet at one of three locations; a café, meet up with friends or going to a strangers house?

We were really pleased with the information that we obtained from our expert and hopefully we can convey this successful throughout our piece so that our user can stay safe when searching for love online.

To find out more about Cheeky Boo visit;




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