The last two weeks have had us filming and exporting on Klynt.


We’ve strapped a Go-Pro to Natalie’s head and had her going about her daily routine, moving rooms, interacting with different objects that afford different statistics and future opportunities.


The fish eye effect of the Go-Pro gives an interesting dimension to the shots. We’re using still shots segmented between videos to offer the user split decisions.

Sitting on sofa still

This is an unfinished version of our Klynt project. At this stage, we still have holes to plug and are in the throws of introducing fresh content. For example, interacting with a newspaper will bring up a mock newspaper article about dating fraud. We are hoping to achieve a mock TV news report by interacting with the TV about a recent story that has been circulating the news.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 20.06.26

The biggest struggles we’ve faced so far is ensuring consistency of shots, to make sure the videos are seamless and there are not any plotholes.

We have aimed thus far to never give the user one option, they should also have a variety of options. We have achieved some exclusive content for particular choices, but also key chokepoints along the way

With the last few days before our presentation, we will look to incorporate more graphics such as mock websites and social media profiles to enhance the options the user has,


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