In the process of creating our interactive documentary we wanted to include real statistics about online dating and the different aspects and dangers of online dating. In doing background research into online dating statistics, I found a range of data from 2009 to 2015, making sure the data is as up to date as possible.

Here are some of the statistics I found:

General Statistics:

94% percent of online daters said they expect a response from their message within 24 hours.

9.1 million people in Britain are using online dating services.

Two-thirds of online daters go on dates with people they meet online.


1 in 5 relationships now start online.

Online dating is the fourth most common way internet users over 18 meet someone.

One in five married individuals aged between 19 and 25 met their spouse online.

Online Creeps:

85% of the victims of sexual offences linked to online dating were female in the period 2003-15.

43% of first face-to-face meetings between a victim of rape and the offender take place within one week of their initial contact online.

10% of Online Daters are Sex Offenders.


81% of people have lied about their age, height and figure when using online dating.

1 out of 10 online dating profiles are fake.

71% of people who use online dating said they found people had been misleading in their profiles, and 21% of them were concerned people misrepresented their appearance.

All the statistics I sourced were found on the following websites:



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