‘Friend’ Interview

For the section of the documentary where the user if given the option to consult a friend before the date, we needed to source somebody with valid experience and anecdotes on the matter who would be comfortable coming forward.

Our friend Nicole was happy to oblige this segment, where we used her actual advise as later interactions (texting a friend, showing the profile picture to a close friend and cross-referencing them on a more reliable social media such as Facebook).

Friend interview still 2

The user was given the chance to talk to her, as opposed to do their own online research (where exclusive interactions present themselves).

She revealed her own experience on the matter where a relationship had come as a result of the date, and was also happy to act out the part where she produces a contact for our other interview – the expert Ben Mitchell.

This was necessary to link the stages and she agreed that consulting an expert in the field is a recommended action.

We filmed the interview with both to Go-Pro and a handheld camera as we were not confident the Go-Pro would catch the footage perfectly as it did not have an interface, and we did not want to inconvenience her by re-doing the interview. We ended up using the handheld footage as the lamp impaired the sensitive Go-Pro, it gave it a natural edge and a better eye-line height – so that was a good contingency plan!


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