TV News report

We are in the final stages of completing our project now, but having a look through our piece, we wanted to incorporate some more interactive content to engage our user further.

The topic revolving around the dangers of online dating has been quite topical in the news in recent weeks, regarding the case of Jason Lawrence.

This case involved Lawrence meeting 7 girls and raping 5 of them, with whom he had been exchanging messages with on the dating site

We wanted to incorporate this story and an element of current affairs into the piece.

To do this we sent our social media editor, Charlie, to record a news bulletin providing the user with the key facts about the case.

This report would then be yet another choice the user has throughout the documentary, by having the chance to view the entire report from a TV screen.

The user will be able to pick up the TV remote and then turn on the TV to play the sequence.

We thought this was an extra interactive element that would provide the user with a case in the real world which demonstrates the fatal dangers of meeting someone you do not know from online dating apps and websites.


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